At the relaxed pace that defines Salento, guests of the Palazzo Maritati e Muci will enjoy the wind, the sea, the traditions and the scents of a synesthetic land.

A far-off place within easy reach, one of Baroque cathedrals and chateaux, farms and craftspeople plying their trade in their workshops, villages and countryside, olive groves and vineyards reflecting the changing seasons.

Your walks by the sea, among the stones and olive groves, will fill your heart with an abundance of beauty and inspiration.

The peaceful energy of this land is the long-forged creation of Salento’s people and the atmosphere they have nourished and cherished. Observe those who speak with you, listen to the melody of their language, dance to their music.

You will cook with the mammas, sail along the coast, pedal amongst the olive trees, explore the cultural treasures, sip the wines, savour the local delicacies, stroll the trails through the countryside.

In ineffable tranquillity.