A designer guesthouse, the result of a three-year renovation project that transformed two historic 18th-century palaces in Nardò into a single and singular hotel structure, an undertaking lovingly guided by renowned Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin.

During his travels, Guy Martin succumbed to the spell of Salento and, in Nardò, found the two palazzi, Maritati and Muci. Three years of work were needed to restore the two palaces to their original grandeur and splendour while respecting the architectural lines of their time, though adding a modern reinterpretation and highly characteristic decorative elements: frescoes, paintings, star vaults, colours. Some of resulting distinctive features include prestigious interiors, international character, top-of-the-line craftsmanship and the absence of conventions.

In Nardò, Guy Martin, his wife, Katherina Marx, and their children have now opened the doors of this unusual guesthouse that serves as a showcase for their private collection.

It is an uncommon experience, surrounded by a land of pleasures, one that is hard to resist. Slowly, surely, let us enter the wonderland tucked away in Salento – so wild, yet so refined.

Guy Martin created his masterpiece deep in the heart of Salento:
“My love for life turns everything into emotions,” he explains.