Salento, in the heel of the boot, occupied by many civilisations over the course of history, is a land of agriculture, where imagination finds expression in simple, down-to-earth ingredients. It is here that we find the simplest of pasta recipes, always using water and flour, without eggs, with the wholesome flavour of sun-ripened wheat.

Aromatic herbs and vegetables – which, in Salento, are the kings, not the mere garnishes, of the local dishes – are served with olive oil and robust wines.

These healthy ingredients are the bounty offered by a fertile land, a sea filled with fish, for a cuisine rooted in tradition.

The wind will be your truest ally as you explore villages, recipes, beaches, songs and shared moments of life.


The Palazzo Maritati e Muci is in Nardò, in the backcountry of Salento, between the Adriatic and Ionian seas. Located near Lecce, one of Italy’s most beautiful Baroque cities, Nardò enjoys the gentle caress of the sun and wind, lulled by the whispers of the sea some 15 kilometres off. Beaches and coves, peaceful trails through the Mediterranean maquis, long stretches of white sand and overhanging cliffs. Santa Maria al Bagno, Santa Caterina, Sant’Isidoro, Gallipoli, Porto Cesareo, Porto Selvaggio.

Salento, a land of simplicity left mostly untouched by time, welcomes you with gentle warmth. Hidden neighbourhoods, imposing architecture, colourful alleys and seascapes beckon you to experience Nardò, where Baroque bursts forth in the sun-soaked tints of Lecce’s stone.

A few steps from the Palazzo Maritati e Muci is the splendid Piazza Salandra, an essential sightseeing destination in the village centre, where locals greet you as you pass and you can enjoy an aperitif or an iced coffee with fresh almond milk.